How To Use Keywords In SEO

How To Use Keywords In SEO

Keyword research is the process of using keywords to locate search terms that users type into search engines. Information about these search terms will help you come up with more effective and marketing strategies.

Benefits of Keywords Research in SEO

Keywords research as part of digital marketing strategies may offer many potential benefits including:

  • An increase in web traffic and
  • Identifying a profitable niche for your business.
  • Insight into what customers want.
  • Improved quality of traffic to your site, leading to higher conversion rates because the content you provide is meaningful to them.


How To Use Keywords In SEO

  • Draw a list

The first step in using keywords in SEO is to make a list of relevant topics based on your business. You should be able to come up with 3-5 topics, which will be used to identify specific keywords. These topics should reflect everyday problems or queries. For example, if you are an accounting company, you may come up with topics like “how to do my taxes” or “where can I find affordable accountants”.

  • Identify Keywords

After coming up with different topics, it is time to select keywords that fit into those topics. Keywords should be words or phrases your target customer will most likely use and that will be important to rank for in search engine result pages. For example, using the topic above, you can come up with phrases like: “taxes for beginners” or “a beginner’s guide to filling out taxes”, and so on.

  • Search for Related Terms

After coming up with your keyword phrases, go to search engines such as Google and search for related terms. Simply type your keyword phrase to see related search terms. At the bottom of the page you will notice other suggestions, which can help you create other keywords.

  • Streamline the List

After coming up with a comprehensive list, use tools such as Google AdWords Planner or HubSpot’s Keywords App to trim the list of keywords. You will then have a unique set of keywords that will help you focus on the right topics for your business. It is important to re-evaluate these keywords from time to time because customers change them to suit their needs.