Why You Need a Responsive Website 2018

Why You Need a Responsive Website 2018

These days having a website may not be enough to cut through the competition. The most effective websites are ones that reflect how users interact with them and the increased adoption of mobile devices. These reasons alone are why you need a responsive website 2018. As specialists in website design Brisbane, let us explain what we mean by this.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a website that responds to the user’s interactions and behaviours and changes based on the size of the screen, platform and orientation.

Have you ever been on a website and became frustrated with its responsiveness or inability to click on the navigation? Maybe the website does not scroll properly or the website is either too large or too small.

A responsive website recognises that sites appear differently on different devices and that users interact differently with sites depending on the device they are using. A responsive website becomes a part of the user’s experience and can help them develop a sense of loyalty and positivity with the brand.

So This is Why You Need a Responsive Website 2018

Each interaction you have with your customers is a part of their customer journey. With the majority of websites being open on a mobile device, it is very important that your business’s website is able to work well on a smartphone both in portrait style and landscape, as well as on a laptop or desktop computer.

More than just fitting the screen, creating a website interface that responds to your customer’s interactions and clicks allows you to help your customer have the best experience. Engaging an expert in website design Brisbane, gives you the opportunity to create an authentic, positive experience for your customers. Responsive website design allows you to provide the best page for the best customer at that time.

Personal Experience

The main reason why you need a responsive website 2018 is to provide your customers with the best, personalised experience. With so many experiences personalised and individualised for the consumer, your website and brand needs to stand out.

Whether you are selling a product or service, creating a dynamic web interface allows you to help your customers find the right product or service for their needs. For example, a restaurant may have a desktop version of their website that features a lot of images and several menu options such as About Us and Menus. For the mobile version, the user may be more likely to want to make a booking and/or get a map or directions to the restaurant. The responsive version of this site may make the Booking and Directions options more prominent.

Get a Responsive Website

Find out more about why you need a responsive website 2018 with the website design Brisbane experts, Marketing4Business. Contact us today for a high quality responsive website customised to your business and your target market.