How Facebook Advertising Works

How Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook ads are created by businesses, organisations, and other advertisers to market and advertise services and products to users of the social media platform. Facebook places these ads right into the timelines and news feeds of users that fit the profile of the target audience you specify.

Facebook ads permit people to like and comment on them, just as they would any other post on the network. When users click on the like button, posts from the business page will continue to show up in their timelines and news feeds.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

  • It is a very fast and targeted means of advertising.
  • Facebook ads help to increase your brand’s awareness.
  • With Facebook ads, it can be easier to break into new markets.
  • Compared to other forms of advertising, Facebook ads are cheaper.

How does Facebook Advertising Work?

Facebook advertising comes with several options. Ads are targeted to users based on parameters such as profile information, location, and demographics.

Here is the process involved in creating a Facebook ad.

  • Determine Your Marketing Objective

When creating a Facebook ad, it is important to determine your marketing objective. To have an idea of what your marketing objective is, you should answer the question, “what is the ideal outcome of posting this ad?” This may be to trigger sales on your website, download a file, or simply increase brand awareness.

  • Choose Your Audience

After determining your marketing objective, use data such as age, location, gender, region, and so on to select the right demographics and target audience for your business.

  • Ad Placement

Placement deals with where your ad is shown on the page, such as, in the feed 0r in the right hand sidebar on the desktop. In addition to running your ad on Facebook, you can also run it on Instagram and  choose to run your ad on mobile devices.

  • Budget

Determine the amount you are willing to spend on an ad, as well as the timeframe for which you want the ad to run.

  • Format

Select the format your ad is going to take. You can decide to use only words, images, or videos, or use all three in one ad. You can also create a slideshow or canvas advert.

  • Place Your Order

When you submit the ad, it will be checked to ensure it meets Facebook’s requirements.

  • Manage Your Ad

When your ad has been approved and is running, you can track its performance, see which version is doing better than another if you are running multiple ads, and also implement adjustments where necessary.