Why Content Is Important for SEO

Why Content Is Important for SEO

Diving into the world of search engine optimisation (SEO) may understandably seem overwhelming. As an SEO Brisbane specialist, we help customers implement effective SEO strategies and understand why content is important for SEO.

In short, SEO is incredibly important as it helps potential customers find you online. It is the process of getting your business to appear prominently in search engine results, typically via natural or organic searches (non paid means), and content is a key component of this.

Why Content?

Now more than ever, it is important that you understand why content is important for SEO and how to use content as a way to improve your SEO. The internet is a noisy space, making it difficult to stand out from your competitors. Search engines like Google help users navigate this space by highlighting websites that are most relevant to their searches.

At the core of every search are keywords that customers use to look for products or services, which is where content comes in.

Online content such as web pages and blog articles, enables you to showcase the keywords that mean the most to your business and customers. Google uses a complex algorithm to decide which content to show to the user, but generally prioritises content that is viewed the most and uses the keywords as naturally as possible. The most popular content is more often than not the most useful or interesting content. Other factors also impact the Google rankings of the content.

Local Content

Google’s algorithm tends to promote local content – that is, if the user is in Australia, the content results Google shows will most likely be from Australian sites.

Local content is easy to create as it allows you to zero in on your ideal target audience.

Quality and Quantity

Not all content is equal. Google (and users) favour high quality content. This means the content shouldn’t just be rich in keywords, it needs to be formatted and grammatically correct to be effective in being found in search results. For the content to be engaging (which leads to more views and a higher rank on Google) it needs to be informative, useful, interesting or entertaining. Without these elements your content may go to waste and not reach your target audience.

Another factor to consider as part of ‘why content is important for SEO’ is quantity of content. It helps to update your website regularly with new content, pages or blog articles. This indicates to Google that your content is up-to-date and can encourage visitors to your site to return for future content.

Fits Any Budget

Optimising your SEO through content does not need to take a large amount out of your marketing budget. Working with the right SEO Brisbane agency will give you access to high quality and experienced content writers who can develop cost-effective content specifically tailored to your business.

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