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Optimising your website organically

At Marketing4Business, our experienced SEO expert will optimise your web pages to make it SEO friendly by boosting certain keywords, quality backlinking, and well-researched and informed content that engages its audience. It is cost effective compared to paid SEO and has long-lasting benefits.

Case Study

INDUSTRY: Wholesale ENTITY SIZE: B2B Medium Business

With a turnover projected to be over 1 million a year, this Case Study was successfully securing clients with a proactive team of sales personel to secure contracts throughout Australia.

However, their website traffic was averaging 89 users per month and their position on search results was averaging at 87 over 15 keywords. ProCloud began their online marketing compaign by identifying what potential customers were searching for and identified 60 keywords which were used to restructure their website.
Following 8 months of optimising their website, the online marketing resulted in an increase of traffic to over 650 users per month adding a major boost in sales.


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